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Required Documents For Ain Sokhna Projects

(Suez Canal Economic Authority)



Booking Stage


Reservation Form:

Required Documents
Companies under establishment Established Companies
ID/ Passport for Non-Egyptians Commercial Registration
Way of communication with customer (Mobile number or Email) Tax Card
ID/ Passport for Non-Egyptians



Provide a feasibility study for the project immediately after signing the land reservation form (If the investment cost of the project is more than $5 million or its equivalent in Egyptian pounds).


The Stage of signing the contract and hand over report

Documents Required
Selling Contract Hand Over Report
A established company is mandatory The presence of the client in person or a representative authorized by him.
Recent commercial registration National ID number / passport for non-Egyptians
Recent tax card Power of attorney (in case the company owner does not sign the hand over report)
National ID number / passport for non-Egyptians Company Stamp
Company Stamp
Power of attorney (in case the company owner does not sign the hand over report)


Steps to follow:


The company management must provide the following

  • General site plan for the project showing entrances, buildings, fences, security rooms, electrical room, and tanks (if applicable).
  • Fence facade and gates as per (The approved design by the company management).
  • Building facades for the planned constructions, indicating the approved finishes by the company management.
  • Submission of architectural drawings for the buildings.
  • Schedule of finishes approved by (The Company Management).
  • Table indicating the allocated areas for each building and the overall building percentage.
  • Please adhere to (The Design Guideline).


General Instructions

  • The receipt or acceptance of the land shall not be edited or received until the sales contract is signed and the contract is approved by the General Authority for Industrial Development.
  • Construction work shall not commence without:

 1- Approval of the administration on the drawings.

 2- Obtaining a building permit and providing the company management and site with a copy of it.

  • In case of violating the drawings, the customer shall be informed and the proposal submitted by him shall be studied and the opinion expressed.
  • The industrial activity contracted and agreed upon at the beginning of the reservation must be adhered to.
  • When establishing companies: they are established at an administrative headquarters first, and the address of the land where the contract is located can be added after the contract is approved.
  • No engineering designs may be modified without referring to the administration for approval.


General instructions for the timeline for dealing with the land

  • The land must be received within a period not exceeding one month from the date of signing the contract.
  • The construction drawings must be sent and approved by the developer within a period not exceeding two months from the date of contract reception, with knowledge of not violating the drawings that have been previously approved by the developer and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the design guidelines approved by the authority.
  • The commitment to build walls around the land immediately upon receipt and obtaining building permits, and then excavation permits.
  • Commitment to the timeline (considering the specified dates below).
  • Commencing construction within a period not exceeding 9 months from the date of signing the contract.
  • Construction at a percentage not less than 40% and not exceeding 60% of the total land area, providing proof of operational validity, obtaining conformity certificate and operating license from relevant authorities within a period not exceeding 36 months.
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses for construction and approval from the environmental agency and commencing construction within a period not exceeding 9 months from the date of contract signing.