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Get access to major sea routes connecting Africa, Asia, & Europe.


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Future Re-Imagined.

Sokhna 360 is holistic outlook on industrial integration by the red sea, introducing a progressive alchemy that combines work, living, education and leisure under one comprehensive roof to set a new benchmark in industrial excellence, thanks to a pioneering concept of a world class community living. It is built on an acreage of about 10million sqm of land, developed by Elsewedy Industrial Development. The land will incorporate different zones built and operated with the highest standards to fit in a fast paced world with digitally enabled infrastructure and sustainable and environmentally friendly community


Strategically located and well-connected, our industrial hub offers convenient access to transportation networks, facilitating the efficient import and export of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products. With proximity to ports, airports, and major highways, we enable seamless supply chains, allowing businesses to expand their market reach and serve customers globally.

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Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring the production of high-quality Petrochemical products that meet regulatory requirements. We prioritize the health and safety of our workforce, the protection of the environment, and the responsible use of resources.

Chemical Industries

With proximity to ports, airports, and major highways, we facilitate seamless supply chains, allowing businesses to expand their market reach and serve customers globally.

Engineering Industries

Welcome to the realm of engineering industries, where innovation, precision, and technological advancement converge to shape the future of development.

Textiles Industry

Let us be your trusted partner in driving your textile business forward, as we pave the way for innovation, sustainability, and success in the ever-evolving world of textiles industries.

Logistics Industries

SOKHNA360 This prime location enables swift and efficient movement of goods, facilitating seamless import and export operations and enabling businesses to reach global markets with ease.

Automotive Industries

From assembly lines and testing facilities to research and development centers, our infrastructure supports the production of cutting-edge vehicles and automotive technologies.

Total Area in Sqm
3B $
Creating Investments
Logistics Zone in Sqm
Staring Plot Areas in Sqm
Foreign Ownership Of Companies
Foreign control of import/export activities
Exemption from custom duties & sales tax
From Ain Sokhna Port

A Fully-Integrated Vision On Work-Life Balance

365 Days of Sunshine

Click to WatchThe fully integrated industrial city in the region


A holistic vision of industrial excellence under one roof, combining state-of-the-art facilities spanning plug-in operation spaces for every industry, powered by a logistics zone and seamless transportation to enable investors to grow, hassle-free


A daily recreational escape, bringing investors closer to an unmatched variety of world-class dining venues, colorful-shopping experiences and modern hang-outs, thanks to a state of the art mall, situated in a lively commercial strip for indoor and outdoor entertainment.


A fully-integrated living experience by the Red Sea, boasting contemporary residential units, steeped in green landscaping to fulfill every taste and lifestyle. The zone has been expertly designed for investors who wish to settle and flawlessly execute at work while designating an independent zone for powered labor to live minutes away.


A futuristic zone, rooted in knowledge thanks to the first of its kind technical and vocational university, empowering enlightened generations with modern-day skills, as well as an agile mindset to grow industries from strength to strength.


Technical Support

We leverage our technical expertise to provide customers with a wide range of technical support services including IT, telecom, and utilities support, among others.

Admin and Legal Support

Full suite of administrative and legal support services to make it as simple as possible for you to outsource all paperwork, contracting, and specialized organizational work covering all your business needs.

Logistics Services

Our 3PL logistics services, provided through our trusted third party contractors, include warehousing, custom clearance as well as consultation and construction of warehouses.

Admin Buildings & Offices

Dedicated administrative buildings for any office-based purposes, contributing to the full support ecosystem that makes our developments the ideal place to nurture and grow any business.

IoT & Smart Industrial Parks

We are investing in the latest smart infrastructure in many of our sites including smart warehousing and Internet of Things (IoT) connected technology.

Facility Management & Operation

Our facility management & operations support ensures seamless functionality, optimal efficiency, and a thriving space for your business to thrive.

Because we care about you, Our dedicated and trained team are keen to answer all your inquiries related to our projects, available services, and investment opportunities.

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