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Egypt is fast becoming one of the most attractive investment markets not just in Africa, but in the entire world. Egypt is developing a dynamic ecosystem in excess of 100 million square meters of industrial parks nationwide, and we are proud to be one of the leaders in this field with an industrial park portfolio of 30 million square meters.
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Investing in Egypt offers numerous compelling reasons, making it an attractive destination for investors. Discover the Golden Opportunities and Findout Why Egypt is Your Perfect Investment Destination!

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Potential Customers across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Commercial ports ready for exporters and importers
14.8 GW
Upgraded electricity network designed to transform into a smart grid
Egypt’s labor pool which is the largest in the MENA region
Some key reasons to consider investing in Egypt

Attractive Destination For Investors

Strategic Geography and Location

As an investment hub to Africa, Asia and an extension of Europe, Egypt is home to the world’s most significant navigational arteries. The pivotal geographic location positions Egypt as a link from East to West through the Suez Canal, which facilitates about 12% of global trade. As signatory to more than six strategic regional and global treaties, Egypt is a hub for international trade as well as a strategic realm for global investment.

Economic Reforms

An intensive and thorough economic development strategy has been embraced by the government with the objective of increasing productivity, mitigating obstacles to investment and trade, improving governance, and reducing the role of the state in the economy.

Reaping Economic Gains

Egypt is now reaping the rewards of transformative economic reform programs with the aim to promote inclusive growth, create more job opportunities for the country’s growing workforce and rising youth, and to strengthen social spending. The efforts have achieved considerable macroeconomic stabilization, growth recovery and a business climate that is appealing to investors.

Expectations and Predictions

Industry experts predict that both macroeconomic stability and market confidence have been largely restored, growth has resumed and fiscal accounts improved tremendously. The public debt ratio is projected to fall for the first time in a decade Egypt in the top 10 fastest developing economies in the coming decade Egypt is projected to be one of the top 10 economies by 2030 (Standard Chartered Bank).

Key Reform areas include

Facilitation- Funding and project registration – the time required for the registration of foreign representation offices has dropped to 72 hours instead of 40 days in a one-stop visit.

Enablement - Enabling industrial land allocation and acquisition - Process business cost reduction by reducing the value of LOGs required to acquire industrial lands.

Adoption - of competition and free market policies - Easier issuance of imports and exports certificates for most activities.

Enforcement – Transparency and integrity among state owned enterprises - Through more enforced laws and procedures against corruption and misconduct.

Quick Facts


  • Access to more than 2.6 billion customers across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East
  • 15 commercial ports for exporters and importers
  • Suez Canal is the shortest link between the East and the West


  • More than 100 million citizens
  • Egypt’s labor pool is the largest in the region (28 million), with 50%  under 30 years of age.


  • The largest road network upgrade introducing over 6,000 Kms of new roads
  • Upgraded electricity network providing 14.8 GW.
  • Signed trade agreements with major trading blocks including the QIZ agreement, EU EFTA, Africa’s COSEMA and MENA and GULF GAFTA.

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