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SOKHNA360: Where Industries and Sustainability Coexist in Perfect Harmony

In the heart of Egypt’s industrial landscape, we at Elsewedy Industrial Development decided to redefine the concept of industrial cities by integrating sustainability into every detail of its design and operation.

Our integrated sustainable industrial city, SOKHNA360 stands as a testament to the belief that industrial progress need not come at the cost of our planet.

This futuristic vision created an integrated industrial city where cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly practices, and social responsibility converge to create a thriving ecosystem of sustainable development.

Welcome to SOKHNA360, where sustainability meets innovation, and the future of industrial cities begins.



Building Bridges Between Progress and Responsibility

Picture this: a mindset shift that transforms industries from mere producers to responsible custodians of our planet. SOKHNA360, a sustainable integrated industrial city, embodies this transformation, challenging the old notion that progress and environmental responsibility can’t walk hand in hand.


Tech Magic Making Operations Smarter

Ever heard of factories that seem to run on magic? Well, it’s not magic—it’s technology. SOKHNA360 is infusing its industrial processes with innovative technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence, making operations not just efficient but environmentally savvy. Think of it as progress with a green twist.


Waste Becomes Treasure in the Circular Economy

In SOKHNA360, waste is not regarded as a challenge but rather as an opportunity awaiting strategic resolution. The city embraces a circular economy approach, transforming waste into a valuable resource. Leveraging state-of-the-art recycling technologies and waste-to-energy initiatives, industries within SOKHNA360 are actively reshaping their approach to waste management, establishing a closed-loop system that resonates with the principles of sustainability.


Energizing Progress with Renewables

SOKHNA360 employs a strategic approach to powering its progress by harnessing renewable energy sources. Through the utilization of solar and wind power, the city significantly diminishes its dependence on conventional energy sources. The outcome is a mutually beneficial scenario in which industries thrive, and the environment experiences relief from the burden of excessive carbon emissions. This commitment to renewable energy underscores SOKHNA360’s dedication to sustainable practices and environmental measures.


Green Infusion and Biodiversity Commitment

In SOKHNA360, the urban landscape transcends the stereotype of concrete jungles. Beyond being a hub for industries, the city is a seamless fusion of industrial prowess and environmental consciousness. The incorporation of green spaces, sustainable architectural practices, and an unwavering commitment to biodiversity conservation underscores SOKHNA360’s dedication to establishing an urban environment where humanity and nature coexist in harmonious equilibrium.


Community-Centric Engagement by Industries

Recognizing that sustainability is a collective endeavor, SOKHNA360 actively involves itself in community wellbeing. The city fosters meaningful engagement with local communities through a range of initiatives. From skill development programs to healthcare initiatives and community-centric planning, these endeavors weave the industrial landscape into the social fabric. This approach ensures that the progress realized benefits every individual, thereby reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between industries and the community.


Regulatory Frameworks: Guiding Toward Sustainability

Acknowledging the transformative power of well-structured regulations, SOKHNA360 benefits from a regulatory environment designed to encourage sustainable practices. These regulations serve as a guiding force, providing industries with a friendly nudge toward the adoption of eco-friendly practices. In this supportive ecosystem, responsibility becomes a shared journey, reinforcing the city’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and responsible industrial landscape.


Success, Measured in Green Metrics

How do you measure success when it’s not just about profits? SOKHNA360 has the answer: sustainability metrics. Carbon footprint reduction, social impact indicators, and more—these metrics keep the city on track, ensuring that every step toward progress is a step toward sustainability.


Developing Today for a Greener Tomorrow

The harmony of industries and sustainability within SOKHNA360 is not a mere aspiration; it stands as an eloquently painted reality. This sustainable integrated industrial city serves as a testament to the assertion that progress can be an earnest ally to environmental responsibility.

Through the strategic integration of technology, circular practices, reliance on renewable energy, and an unwavering commitment to community welfare, SOKHNA360 does not only articulate the ideals of harmony; it orchestrates a melody that resonates with a promise—a promise of a tomorrow that is not only brighter but inherently more sustainable.

In SOKHNA360, the narrative is not just about envisioning this harmonious convergence—it’s about living it, breathing it, and setting the stage for a transformative and sustainable legacy.


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