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Ahmed Abou Hashima Inks Land Allocation Deal with Elsewedy Industrial Development for Construction of the Middle East’s Largest Agricultural Food Industries Complex

Ahmed Elsewedy: Egyptian industry has become extremely competitive on a global scale, outperforming many countries worldwide.

Ahmed Abou Hashima: 80% of the complex’s production capacity will be directed towards exports, thereby contributing to balancing Egyptian trade


Elsewedy Industrial Development, a subsidiary of ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC, signed an agreement with MAFI for Agricultural Produce Industries to allocate a 154,000 square meter industrial land in Industria Sadat City. The contract signing took place between Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy, President & CEO of ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC and Chairman of Elsewedy Industrial Development, and Ahmed Abou Hashima, Founder and Chairman of MAFI. The ceremony was attended by Eng. Mohamed AlKammah, CEO of Elsewedy Industrial Development, and Sherif Tantawy, CEO of MAFI for Agricultural Produce Industries.

Eng. Ahmed Elsewedy expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its substantial contribution to the Egyptian economy. He highlighted that this complex, the first of its kind in terms of size and diversity in the Middle East, aims to export 80% of its production capacity. Elsewedy also underscored the Egyptian industry’s competitiveness on a global scale compared to other countries.

Ahmed Abou Hashima stated that the complex aims to support the Egyptian economy by maximizing the value of local agricultural resources through manufacturing. He expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with Elsewedy Industrial Development, highlighting that the complex will feature state-of-the-art technology in the agricultural food sector in partnership with major international companies.

Abou Hashima further emphasized that 80% of the complex’s production capacity will be directed towards exports, thereby contributing to balancing Egyptian trade and supporting the economy. He also noted that the project will create over 7,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, thus helping to reduce unemployment.

Eng. Mohamed AlKammah emphasized that the addition of the agricultural products industry enhances industrial diversity in Sadat City. He illustrated that the project is one of the largest complexes for agricultural products and food in the region.

Highlighting Elsewedy Industrial Development’s expertise, AlKammah indicated that the company has 15 years of experience in building and developing sustainable industrial cities. Moreover, he underscored the significance of Elsewedy Technical Academy, which provides a qualified and trained technical workforce to serve investors within Elsewedy’s industrial cities.

It is worth mentioning that, under this agreement, MAFI will invest approximately $300 million to establish a complex comprising five plants. The complex will include two of Egypt’s largest plants for producing orange concentrates, tomatoes, various fruits, and essential oils. It will also feature the Middle East’s first Cloudy Products plant and one of the world’s largest freeze-drying facilities. Additionally, the complex will house a plant for freezing fruits and vegetables, significantly boosting the agricultural food industry and increasing Egyptian exports of high-quality products worldwide.